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Nuria García: “Sculpture is a mindfulness experience”

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For two weeks Nuria García has given a sculpture workshop to our Animation students. A specific training in which our students have developed their ability to preview and project in three dimensions. “Sculpture is a mindfulness experience”, declared Nuria García. We have delved into this technique with the traditional animator in Stop Motion and Puppet Maker, a regular collaborator of the L’Idem teaching team.

What have you wanted to work on in this workshop?

I’ve wanted students to enjoy a physical-artistic experience since most of their work will be in a virtual environment. The sensations that are perceived by touching the material, feeling how it reacts in our hands, are radically different from digital work.

What peculiarity has this activity offered you?

This module has had a therapeutic part: each student has focused on a specific action – modeling – and this has allowed him to reach a state of mental openness. By modeling he has been able to transmit a mental concept to a physical and real matter. Sculpture has been a very mindfulness experience. To be consciously present in the present moment. And this has led students to a state of consciousness and concentration that has allowed them to focus and project on physical matter.

How have you approached the work with our students?

The module’s beginning has consisted in acquiring a base on sculpture, volumes and work flow. Next, I have provided the guidelines for the practical exercise to be developed. During the process I have done live modeling. This fact has facilitated the resolution of all the doubts that have arisen while the students have faced the challenge of modeling. Finally, each student has presented the final figure along with a memory of their creation process.

How has this workshop been developed?

During this module a very pleasant working atmosphere has been generated. In it I have felt very good communication, empathy and a relationship of trust with the group. There have been moments of blockage in the face of a challenge to overcome. In these cases we have worked together to achieve the ultimate goal: to create a character in real three dimensions.

How do you value the experience?

For me, working with L’Idem is always an enriching experience. A workshop is a moment of opening possibilities. During the sculpture module I felt a receptivity and gratitude from the students that I value very positively.

What would you recommend to our students to continue working on sculpture after this workshop?

A lot of practice! Learning to model is done through praxis. Hours are needed to develop the capacity for observation, synthesis, abstraction and the psychomotor skills necessary to carry out a modeling that is as faithful as possible to the 2D design. These skills are essential to becoming a modeler.


Nuria Garcia

Stop Motion / Sculpture Teacher

Degree in Audiovisual Communication from the University of Extremadura. Master in Production and Stop Motion Animation at 9Zeros, Barcelona. Since 2006 she has collaborated with Production and Animation areas in international projects for companies such as Disney XD, Nickelodeon, TVE, TVC, FR3, Blackdragon and TUBA, among others.

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