Last Friday, July 5, the animated feature film “Elcano y Magallanes, la primera vuelta al mundo” (Elcano and Magellan, the first round-the-world trip) was released. This film is dedicated to children and talks about the history of the first maritime expedition around the world.

In 1519 in Seville five ships left with 240 crew on board, in an expedition financed by Emperor Carlos V and led by the Portuguese Fernando de Magallanes, commander, military and explorer, with the Spanish sailor Juan Sebastian Elcano as second on board, three years later the expedition managed to go around the world, but only returns one of the five ships and 18 sailors as survivors. This is the story of Magellan, the man who managed to cross the Atlantic Ocean and Elcano, who was the one who successfully completed the expedition after the death of Luso in the Philippines.

There is no denying that Spain is committed to animated cinema and its creators, who in recent years have stood out internationally, participating in award-winning films around the world and international festivals so the quality of productions never ceases to surprise us as is the case of this film directed by the Basque Angel Alonso.

The director of the film assures that it is a project in which he has been working for more than 20 years but that he has not been able to develop until now thanks to technological advances. A film made entirely in 3D with a very tight budget that does not envy anything to foreign productions, and which notes that the resources have been used to the maximum to achieve a modern and entertaining film seasoned by the incredible work of Joseba Beristain, who is the creator of the original soundtrack. The music, mostly symphonic, is provided by the Euskadi Symphony Orchestra conducted by Fernando Velázquez and 90 voices from the Orfeón Donostiarra conducted by José Antonio Sainz Alfaro. Enrique Solinís, a Basque musician expert in guitar and early music, also participates in the soundtrack with some compositions from his repertoire suitable for the film and the interpretation with different guitars of several specific pieces created by Beristain.

“Elcano y Magallanes, la primera vuelta al mundo” can be seen in almost every movie theater in the country.

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