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Huawei is one of the most important technology companies in the world, committed to altruism has as its mission ‘to make the world a better place’. In the European Union alone it has allocated more than half a million dollars to projects promoting sign language learning and the creation of StorySign is the culmination of this great project focusing on deaf children.

As part of its interest in creating tools that facilitate communication to the hearing impaired community, Huawei has launched Storysign, a free application that uses virtual reality to make books and reading accessible to children with this disability. Thanks to a virtual assistant children can understand and even learn to read a number of didactic books because the application will translate it into sign language in real time.

The application has been developed by the department of Artificial Intelligence of the company China who have had the support of Aardman Animations (legendary animation studio creator of ‘The Shaun Sheep’ or the characters of ‘Wallace and Gromit’, as well as films as known by the youngest as ‘Chiken Run: Evasion on the farm’) to create a nice avatar called Star who accompanies the young during the dynamic reading sessions.

According to the development team, StorySign is the first existing literacy platform for deaf children that will benefit more than 32,000 children for whom reading is a challenge because they cannot do it like other children.

Huawei has had the collaboration of the European Union of the Deaf and their respective local organizations in Western Europe, such as the Spanish State Confederation of Deaf People (CNSE), as well as the publishing house Penguin Random House and Aardman Animations for the development of this application and its adaptation to the European public potential.

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