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L’Idem Talent: Thomas Lehane, Design Alumni

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Thomas Lehane studied the International Master in Graphic Design at L’Idem during the academic year 2019-2020. After finishing his training at the school, our alumni did a curricular internship at Depot Lab Coworking BCN. Since December 2020, he is working at Ahooga Bike as a Digital Media Specialist. For Thomas, taking a master’s degree at our school has been essential. “Developing my skills at L’Idem has been a decisive choice for my career”, he explained.
Today we share our Alumni’s storie in the field of Design.

Where do you work at the moment?

I currently work for Ahooga Bike. A brand born in 2015 that produces and sells manual electric bikes.

And which projects are you developing there?

I am designing and developing the new website of the company, in close collaboration with my manager. After this project, I will manage the digital strategy of the company.


Can you explain us your career after finishing your studies at L’Idem?

Since I finished the International Master in Graphic Design at L’Idem in June 2020 I have been doing an internship in Depot Lab Coworking BCN. My functions were to create all the digital media visuals and manage the social networks and blog, in collaboration with a freelance. When I came back to Belgium I wanted to find a job related to web design and digital media and guess what? I found it! Ahooga was the perfect match!

Why did you decide to study at L’Idem?

It is a long story! I finished my Bachelor of Marketing at HELMO Liège (Belgium), and decided to go abroad for a year to work and travel. With my Working-Holiday visa I went to Australia, where I worked for 6 months, and then I traveled to Asia and New Zealand. During this time I was thinking about my future master’s degree because I knew that I wanted to do one in creative arts. Searching the Internet I discovered L’Idem and contacted the school. The Admissions Department offered me a master’s degree that allowed me to specialize in areas that interested me a lot, such as UX / UI, Typography, Creativity, History of Design and Motion Design. From my Bachelor of Marketing I knew I wanted to become a designer, but I couldn’t find the right university at the time. Now I can say that in L’Idem I found it and I am very happy to have studied here. I had amazing teachers and classmates.

How would you describe your time at L’Idem Barcelona?

It has been a rewarding experience. Our work was very practical and that is exactly what I needed to improve my skills and be ready to work.

What would you highlight of everything learned in school?

The fact that each teacher has many years of experience makes classes very interesting. Also, doing group and personal projects was amazing.

What is being more useful to you than what you learned in school?

With projects in UX / UI, Branding, Typography and Desktop Publishing, I learned a lot how to design and make things look attractive very efficiently.

A tip for our students

If you want to improve your skills in Graphic Design and understand this field even better, do not hesitate to sign up for this master’s degree!

What is design for you?

For me, Design is making objects or images attractive through different techniques. The task of a designer is to create something considering its purpose, function, socio-cultural factors and aesthetics.

What are the essential characteristics of a graphic designer?

Thinking outside the box. Having a good understanding of the grid, design and contrast, elements that enhance your work. Understand the concept “less is more” and want to be better and better at what you do. Patience is also key to becoming a good designer. Be clear and organized to have happy customers. And, above all, be able to work in a team and communicate clearly about what you are doing.

Professionally, what are your sources of inspiration?

I follow many great designers in different fields (UX / UI, Web, Graphic Design) on social media, and I get a lot of inspiration from dribbble or Behance in general.

Where and in what position would you like to be working in the next few years?

In a couple of years I would like to work as a freelance designer. I think I still need some time to figure everything out, the world of design changes very fast due to technology. I am currently very interested in Web Design, but I also like application design. My goal is to acquire a lot of experience in companies to become independent and work on my own.

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