Òscar Gamell

Director Delegado
Profesor de arte

Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona, ​​performs various artistic exhibitions throughout Catalonia and becomes part of the professional team of animation producer Neptuno Films, where he specializes in sound design and becomes the head of the audio postproduction department where it performs more than 14 TV animation series.


Anibal Estrella

IDD Academic Coordinator

Head of Art and creative with over 18 years of experience in the world of advertising. He has worked in agencies such as DDB Spain and has benn awarded at international festivals like Cannes Lions and El Sol.

Animation 2d/3d

Salva De Haro
2D Animation teacher

Born in Barcelona, I studied Technical Architecture at the UPC and Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. As a traditional and digital 2D animator, I have worked on more than 70 different projects for producers all over the world, such as Universal Pictures, Cosgrove Hall and Mariscal Studio.

Carles Prenafeta
3D Animation teacher

He began his career in the world of animated drawing in 1989, working for the marketing producer Studio Andreu, where he began to work with major professionals and brands such as: Cheetos, Matutano, Avidesa, Mr. Proper, etc. 

Esteve Garriga
General 3D art teacher

I am Esteve Garriga, I live on the outskirts of Barcelona. I work as a freelancer on 3D productions of all kinds, from promotional videos to documentaries, while dipping into 3D printing and computer graphics.  My 3D abilities are wide-ranging. I can work on a model, UV mapping, rigging, set-up and nCloth. I am also familiar with lighting, rendering and sculpture.

Joan Piqué
Digital painting teacher

Joan is a concept artist from Barcelona who works freelance for the entertainment industry. Over the last few years, he has participated in animation projects, feature-length films, a dozen videogames and “theming” theme parks, both for domestic as well as international clients.

Adam Sullastres
2D Animation Teacher

2D and 3D artist / composer with a mixed, technical / artistic background with experience in both fields as well as in teaching. Since 2004 he works in the field of 3D and, in recent years, has specialized in modeling and training.

Miriam Hidalgo
3D Animation teacher

Since her start in 1999, she has worked in the 2D animation part of the audiovisual sector for animated series as a concept artist at companies such as Acciò infinit animaciò, Redmouse factory, among others. She has also worked on Goya-winning films   such as Chico & Rita from  Mariscal Studio and Nocturna from Filmax Animation as a background colourist. In addition, she has worked as a freelance illustrator for publishing houses and companies such as Norma Ed, Ominiky, Disney, Lego, Playmobil, among many others.

Miriam Tortosa
Acting teacher

Born in Barcelona in 1984. Bachelor of Audiovisual Communication and trained in the Nancy Tuñón School for 6 years; she broadened her training by taking performance courses with Víctor Fernando Piernas and Ricard Gàzquez, and film acting courses with Esteve Rovira, Pep Armengol, Luis Gimeno, Carlos Manzanares and Iñaki Ariztimuño.

Marc Falgas
VFX teacher

Five years of experience as a general 3D artist and three as a VFX specialist. He graduated from the ERAM University School in Girona with a Degree in Audiovisual and Multimedia, and has a Master’s Degree in VFX and 3D animation earned from the ESCAC at Terrassa.  He works with Maya, Houdini and After Effects most of the time.

Jaume Cullell
2D Animation teacher

Born in 1983 in Montornès del Vallès, he began his professional career more than 12 years ago in the world of marketing and musical videoclips, creating storyboards and character designs. He has worked with various domestic and international producers by performing pre-production work for TV series. Subsequently, he worked as an illustrator for different editorial projects and on product packaging. He has also worked on board games and theme park mascot designs.  Parallel with his work as an illustrator, he has worked as a professor of academic drawing and character design at different schools.

Jordi Vallejo
Screenwriter and Playwright teacher

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Screenwriting from the ESCAC, he began his professional career as a screenwriter with TV3, occupying different positions during 4 seasons of the series El Cor de la CiutatCurrently, he is writing a thriller for Filmax, David Victori’s second film as a director; he is also preparing the cinema adaptation of his play El Test for Warner Bros., and Atresmedia for a premiere planned for 2019.

Eduardo Morales
Unity 3D teacher

He has worked on a wide array of projects over three years, starting with video mapping, he specialised in 3D art for videogames. After one year working at Moonbite Studio, he became a freelancer and carried out a wide array of marketing, digital marketing and videogame projects, focusing on the latter of the three. Currently, he regularly dedicates his time to delving into the study of videogames and working on related projects.

Digital and graphic design

Guido del Solar
Graphic Design Teacher

Born in Viña del Mar (Chile), from a young age he felt the need to find beauty and balance in the artistic area, which led him to study graphic design and multimedia communication at the University of Viña del Mar, where he graduated as a student outstanding.

David Pérez
Computer teacher

Senior Graphic Designer, born on Gran Canaria and residing in Barcelona since 2013. With a Master’s in Marketing Communication and Creativity and more than 10 years of professional experience in the industry, specialising in branding and art direction, his primary mission is to improve the market presence of products and services, ensuring that the respective brands are used correctly as communication and creating visually attractive pieces.

Pablo García
Advertising and Desktop Publishing teacher

Born in Buenos Aires from Italian descent, he studied to become a University Professor and Bachelor of Graphic Design and Visual Communication at the foremost academic institution in Argentina and one of the most widely recognised universities of the Spanish-speaking world at a global level, the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), where he also worked as a professor for almost 10 years in the School of Architecture, Design and Urbanism (FADU).

David Cremnitzer
Motion Design teacher

After graduating from L’école des Gobelins in Paris in 2000, he began to work as a motion graphics compositor for animated series. He settled down in Barcelona in 2003, and began to work as a freelance motionographer on various projects: animation, corporate videos, marketing, museums, mapping, etc.

Ada Sbriccoli
Photography teacher

Bachelor of Philosophy with a specialisation in Aesthetics, with a Graduate Degree in Photojournalism and an official Master’s in Advanced Studies in Art History. She is the co-founder of Fuga, a photography centre and a space dedicated to creation, research and pedagogy surrounding the photographic image. Currently, she is combining her research activities with teaching, curation and the coordination of modern photography projects.


Marco M. Barbensi
English teacher

More than 10 years of experience in teaching English to foreign language learners. Everything started while he was working in London as a recruitment adviser and decided to change his career. After working in the tourism and hospitality industry for many years and studying for the degree of BSc (Hons) in Service and Business Sector Management at the University of Leeds, he moved to Spain and ventured into his new career.

Estefanía Fijo
Spanish teacher

I was born and raised in Barcelona, although at 21 years old I decided to leave home and live in different Spanish and British cities. After trying different majors that did not totally fulfil me (Sociology and Political Sciences), I decided to begin my studies and earn my degree as an Advanced Technician in Administration and Finance. Once I had settled down in Leeds, I discovered my passion, my true calling: teaching languages. That is why I got my certification with Instituto Cervantes as a teacher of Spanish for foreign language learners, and later on, I earned my degree as an ELE exam proctor and preparer for levels B1 & B2.

Josep Maria Calpe
French teacher

Born in Barcelona, he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in French Language and Culture from the University of Barcelona and the Université Paul Valéry (Montpellier III), where he specialised in Pedagogy of the French Language. He has been a French professor since 1990. He has worked at the French Institute of Barcelona, language schools, high schools and companies linked to Francophone countries.

Delphine Masquelier
French teacher

French, born in Lille, she studied International Business and Administration and has worked in textile purchasing for international companies in France and Spain for 20 years. She obtained DAEFLE certification (French for foreign students) in 2013 and has worked at several language schools. She has been living in Spain for over 10 years. 

Françoise Truccano
French teacher

A native French professor (from Choisy le Roi, a city very close to Paris) with 25 years of experience, a Bachelor of French Philology, with a Master’s Degree specialising in teaching French to Foreign Students. She has taught children, adolescents, university students, business professionals and even seniors—always a satisfying challenge! Passionate about languages, travel and people, and a lover of paintings—her brother is a painter—, she does her job with enthusiasm. Nor can she go without literature, a window to the world of living better!

Pamela Holms
English teacher

Born in Scotland, she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Corporate Communication with honours.  After several years of working at a marketing agency, she moved to Barcelona and earned her CELTA certification to teach English as a foreign language. She has more than 9 years of experience working with students of all ages and levels at academies, businesses and institutions within the seat of government in Barcelona.

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