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Darwin de Cat is a project of animation and illustration created by Omar El-Hindi and Jason McLean, two friends who live in Canada and who have a fascination for the life of felines and their particular way of behaving.

Cats are beautiful and mysterious animals, we love to know what they do when they are alone and also when they keep us company because they are a box of surprises. This is the premise that Omar and Jason took as inspiration to create the project Darwin The Cat, which was born as an instagram account in which through short animations told the adventures of Darwin, and now has more than fifty thousand followers.

Omar El-Hindi is a professional animator and Jason McLean is an experienced visual artist who currently works at Disney, the sum of his talents resulted in a fun project, visually impeccable, which reflects the passion of both animation and cats. The brief but fantastic animations are created on an iPad with ClipStudio Paint software, which allows you to animate cartoons frame by frame and give life to Darwin, who delights his thousands of followers on social networks with his funny stories.

Despite the short time behind the project, the artists have been enormously successful and have decided to create a Patreon account where they share exclusive content with their paying subscribers, allowing them to have an extra incentive to continue creating.

Here are some of Darwin’s clips. Don’t forget to follow this wonderful project.

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