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Rotten Tomatoes is one of the most respected film review websites in the world. In addition to rankings, articles and recommendations, on the site you can find countless series and films rated by film fans and professional critics.

To end a decade of animated film the site has made a selection of the best films of the genre based on the ratings they have received through its website. A list of 50 feature films that puts Toy Story 4 on the highest pedestal, followed by Del Reves and Coco.

“Looking back over the decade, it’s clear that we’ve experienced a new Disney renaissance, as the studio reached its peak with Frozen, Moana and Zootopia. Meanwhile, Disney-owned Pixar Studio inspired a younger generation with Inside Out, while the high-risk sequels Toy Story 3 and 4 not only didn’t tarnish the brand, but took it to infinity, beyond and back again.

Dreamworks became a true rival to Pixar with the exciting yet profound adventures that made up the How to Train Your Dragon trilogy. And the anime continued to break the spirit of the era: Films like Your Name and Mirai received enough reviews and ratings to make it to Certified Fresh (not to mention connecting with audiences around the world), which was almost unheard of just a decade ago. In the meantime, Studio Ghibli published some of their most impressive work, including the one-two feature films The Wind Rises and The Tale of Princess Kaguya. All types of animation were able to flourish in 2010, from stop-motion (Kubo and the Two Strings, Island of Dogs, Shaun the Sheep Movie) and oil canvas (Loving Vincent), to rotoscopic (Tower) and even traditional (Winnie the Pooh).

Whatever the style or budget, we take all of the decade’s animated films and then rank them by the Tight Tomatometer, a formula that weighs multiple factors, including a film’s release year and number of reviews. Speaking of which, each film needed a minimum of 80 reviews to be considered. And now, it’s time to see some of the wildest visions come to life with the top 50 animated films of 2010! “

Below we share with you the ranking of the best 50 animated films according to Rotten Tomatoes >

50- Monster University (80%)
49- Abominable (81%)
48- Caveman (81%)
47- Poppy Hill (81%)
46- The cat with boots (86%)
45- Frozen II (77%)
44- Loving Vincent (85%)
43- Pirates! (86%)
42- The sausage party (83%)
41- Mary and the Witches’ Flower (89%)
40- The Secret of the Book of Kells (91%)
39- Kung Fu Panda 3 (87%)
38- Break Ralph (87%)
37- Mirai my little sister (91%)
36- The memory of Marnie (91%)
35- Carlitos and Snoopy: The Peanuts Film (87%)
34- Paranorman (88%)
33- The illusionist (91%)
32- Winnie the Pooh (91%)
31- Range (88%)
30- The wind rises (88%)
29- Frankenweenie (87%)
28- Tangled (89%)
27- Mr. Link. The lost origin (89%)
26- Arthur Christmas. Operation Gift (92%)
25- The LEGO Film 2 (85%)
24- The bread of war (95%)
23- How to train your dragon 2 (92%)
22- Frozen (90%)
21- Ernest & Célestine (97%)
20- The red turtle (93%)
19- Ralph breaks Internet (88%)
18- How to train your dragon 3 (90%)
17- The song of the sea (99%)
16- Anomaly (92%)
15- Your Name (98%)
14- Tower (99%)
13- The Story of Princess Kaguya (100%)
12- Shaun the sheep. The film (99%)
11- How to train your dragon (99%)
10- Dog Island (90%)
9- Kubo and the two magic strings (97%)
8- The LEGO Film (96%)
7- Vaiana (96%)
6- Looking for Dory (94%)
5- Toy Story 3 (98%)
4 – Zootrópolis (97%)
3- Coconut (97%)
2- Inside out (98%)
1- Toy Story 4 (97%)

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