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Andrea Love is an artist originally from the United States who specializes in stop motion. In addition to making her own creations and sharing them on social networks, she also works as a director for commercials, documentaries and short films. Her work has stood out in recent years thanks to the use of felt, a material with which she builds and transmits all her imagination.

Andrea became popular through Instagram, where she began to share her creations through small animated clips that have led her to have more than 400 thousand followers. On her account we can find the recipe for a spaghetti dish with tomato sauce or even a very detailed complete breakfast, all created with miniature felt.

Timeless and always so popular, the stop-motion is not about to disappear as many claim, on the contrary, more and more artists are experimenting with innovative techniques to create more original productions. The results are amazing and many times, traditional techniques like this, allow to have a closer relationship with the viewer. The possibilities to create become infinite and that is what makes the art of stop motion animation so unique.

Andrea’s most recent productions are entitled “Cooking whit Wool” and as the name suggests, they are related to the world of cooking: mini pans, stoves, knives and forks that look real. In one of the videos we can see Andrea cooking a couple of fried eggs in a kitchen prepared with such meticulous detail that it is a delight to watch.

Below we share with you some of Andrea Love’s creations, and in her instagram account you can observe her work process. We highly recommend you to follow her, her works are very inspiring.



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