The Animation industry and its current landscape

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The animation industry is constantly changing. I’m sure you’ve noticed that the style of animation you grew up with as a child has now morphed into something completely new. These changes are a very particular characteristic of animation as it is a constantly evolving industry.

Animation entered our lives thanks to films and short films and today it is present in almost every visual product: TV shows, commercials, YouTube videos, social media and video games. In all these media, visual effects have been perfected and will continue to develop in the future.

If we take a look at the industry as recently as 2 or 3 years ago, we can see the speed at which it has evolved and the level of expertise of the professionals in the sector. The results are creative and impressive. Where might the industry go from here?



Although it is easy to assume that the animation we see today is already of the highest quality, there is no doubt that it will improve in the future. A simple example is to think that just a few years ago we could only watch films in 2D animation, and now we can watch them in 3D and even in virtual reality.

With virtual reality and augmented reality on the rise, animators are doing everything they can to make environments and objects look even more like what we see in real life. And this will be closely related to the video game industry. The latter are expected to have better graphics thanks to the use of increasingly advanced software and hardware.

As the design and quality of animation improves, we may find it difficult to differentiate between what is real and what is animated. With the possibilities that animation and technology offer, we should not have to wait long to see much more interactive experiences, and not just in the world of video games.



Many Hollywood live-action projects have been put on hold due to the current pandemic. This has created a perfect vacuum in the entertainment world that animation was more than ready to fill. The current context has generated a boom in the number of productions made for all kinds of audiences, not just family audiences.

Moreover, the great success of shows like “South Park”, “Rick and Morty” and “The Midnight Gospel” shows that there is a place for adult TV shows in the animation industry. In this sense, we can predict that, in the coming years, there will be a continued demand for such productions. Animation will no longer be seen simply as something for the very young; on the contrary, it will continue its rise to mainstream status, supported above all by live action films and programmes.

People who used to have to search tirelessly for worthwhile animated programmes can now watch them whenever they want by simply logging on to Netflix, YouTube and other streaming platforms. Instead of going through many processes and being restricted with the type of content they can produce, animators have moved on to find a loyal audience that demands consistent programming.

The animation industry is changing rapidly and will not slow down any time soon. In the coming years we can expect the changes to be even more rapid as technology advances and tastes are moulded to generate new and more sophisticated products. With all these animation trends happening simultaneously and the quality of what we see becoming more realistic than ever, it is clear that the animation industry will be in greater demand and will always be looking to meet the needs of its audience.

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