The future of Animation according to Arly Jones


Arly Jones is an illustrator, concept artist, cartoonist, 2D animator and designer from Alicante. And for the last three years he has been part of the teaching team of the Animation area of our school. During this term he has given a workshop on backgrounds to our 2nd year Animation students. We talked to Arly about this discipline and the professional opportunities it offers for future concept artists.

Arly Jones: “European animation must tell stories with its own identity”.

We talked to Arly about the present and the future of Animation. As well as the job opportunities that this sector offers for our students.

What is concept art for you?

Concept art is often based on an idea or briefing, emotion or atmosphere, which can come from a film director, producer or scriptwriter. Also in videogames. Concept art is the materialisation of this idea in images.

What are the main functions of a concept artist?

The main function is to offer a visual aspect of those proposals to be developed, which are very broad. From the design of settings, costumes, creatures and an infinite number of gadgets such as mechanical devices, weapons, etc. The final objective is to create a unity at the service of the dramatic.

From your point of view, what are the essential characteristics to be a good concept artist?

The concept artist must not only crystallise an idea, he must above all contribute, go beyond what has been proposed and push the concepts to the limit.

What job opportunities will a recently graduated concept artist find?

It is clear that video games is a field that absorbs most of the demand for concept art, but for those whose passion is cinema, they should not give up. Concept art for cinema, whether it’s real image or animation, is an exciting field of work.

And what possibilities do you see for the future?

The future has not ceased to bring new challenges, new job profiles, although we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. We have to be active, at a constant pace to be able to understand the changes and adapt quickly.

Finally, what advice would you give to a student who wants to dedicate themselves to fund creation?

I would give them three pieces of advice:

  • Cultivate a constant curiosity for all manifestations of creativity.
  • Don’t nourish yourself only in the world of collections.
  • And to extend the frontiers to any creative sensibility.


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