The future of Animation according to Héctor Muñoz


With more than 17 years of experience in the Animation sector, since 2010 Héctor Muñoz is Lead Animator at 23 Lunes Creative Animation Studio. Animation Production Company specialised in 3D Animation with a wide experience in international film, videogame and advertising projects.

At the beginning of June, Héctor was part of the Animation final year jury at L’Idem. He considers the exchange between professionals and students to be very enriching. “It’s essential that veteran people can give their advice to those who are just starting out, so that they don’t make the mistakes that you sometimes make”, he explained. Regarding the work of our 4th year Animation students, he saw “potential, a great capacity for sacrifice and, above all, a lot of enthusiasm”.

We talked to him about the present and the future of Animation, as well as the job opportunities that this sector offers our students.

What is Animation for you?

It is a way of expressing our ideas and dreams that, nowadays, has become quite accessible to everyone.

What is your specialisation in this sector, and why have you decided to focus on it?

My speciality is 3D animation. Since I was a child, I liked traditional animation and comics a lot. I was sure that I wanted to dedicate myself to this as a way of life, although I wasn’t sure which speciality to choose. Finally I entered a school and that’s where I knew that digital animation is what I really liked.

And what would you like to focus on in the future?

I’ve always had a thorn in my side about trying 2D animation. When I was younger I used to draw all the time and I really want to get into the world of cartoons.

From your point of view, what are the skills required to be a talented animator?

Perseverance and dedication. Cheerleading is difficult, but cheerleading well is a very difficult task. Your attitude to feedback is important, as is your ability to redo work that has taken time and effort to achieve. In the end, the animation director is in charge and you have to adapt to the project you are working on.

And what are the current challenges in the animation sector?

Nowadays there are so many productions in the world that it is difficult to find a breath of fresh and original air.

Do you think Covid-19 has brought new challenges to the industry?

This pandemic has opened the door to teleworking. For many people it has been a revelation of how to work comfortably for other countries.

In your view, where will animation evolve in the coming years?

At the moment it’s moving towards a hybrid 2d/3d style. I find it quite interesting how some studios are approaching the subject.

And what profiles will be most in demand?

As I said before, 2d is slowly making a comeback. I think that an artist who rides between the two doctrines (3d and 2d) will be more than highly valued.

What professional opportunities does your speciality offer our graduates?

There are many professional opportunities in animation. You only have to look at the credits of the films. In each one of them there is a legion of animators. Moreover, in these times we live in, teleworking has made it easier to find work outside our country.

From your point of view, what are the expectations of the world of work for a recently graduated animator?

There is a lot of competition nowadays and you have to be well prepared. You can start by learning your body mechanics in series or videogames and work your way up. It is very difficult to enter a big company without experience, but it also happens.

What advice would you give to face the entry into the working world?

Patience and hard work. Nowadays, everyone wants to jump into a blockbuster production that has just come out of the oven. Time puts everyone in their place, of that I have no doubt, you just have to be constant in your desire to learn. The important thing is to find a company where you can learn and make contacts, everything will fall into place over time.

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