The future of Animation according to Jofre Balboa


Th character animator Jofre Balboa has a long experience in the entertainment industry. He has worked as a 3D animator in renowned studios such as 23 Lunes Creative Animation Studio or Gameloft. He has also specialised in character design for Arkalis Interactive, Cirkus, Boolab, Framestore or Herobeat Studios. In 2018 he participated in the creation of the animation studio Rocket Frames, where he currently works as Character Animator.

At the beginning of June, Jofre was part of the jury for the final year of the Animation degree at L’Idem. From this experience he particularly values the exchange between professionals and students. “It’s very important that someone from the sector can advise you on what they are looking for in their studies in terms of skills or abilities”, he told us. With regard to the work of our 4th year Animation students, Jofre sees them prepared for the professional world. “Thanks to schools like L’Idem, the learning curve is much faster”, he pointed out.

We talked to him about the present and the future of Animation, as well as the job opportunities that this sector offers to our students.

What is animation for you?

It’s a vocation. It’s not a job you can do mechanically, you have to love the profession. Animaicon is a hard work of comings and goings, with a lot of changes. It’s the search for perfection in every shot and movement.

Throughout your career, what is your speciality?

My specialisation is character animation. I chose it because it’s what I was best at.

And what would you like to focus on in the future?

Towards the production of my own projects.

From your point of view, what are the skills required to be a talented animator?

Perseverance and constant learning.

 And what are the current challenges in the animation sector?

Knowing how to choose projects or companies – now this has become similar to Hollywood actors! Knowing how to choose the projects you are going to work on can change your career.

Do you consider that Covid-19 has brought new challenges to the industry?

Clearly, it has. The pandemic has brought new challenges and opened new doors. You can now work for the big studios without having to change your country of residence. I think this is a very interesting time to enter the industry. You now have the opportunity to intern or work for studios around the world.

From your point of view, where is animation going to evolve in the next few years?

I think it’s going to move in the same direction as the music industry. A few years ago, only artists that were signed by the record companies could release albums. Now anyone can make a record from home. And the same goes for animation. We have more and more tools to create our own projects from the computer at home.

And what profiles will be most in demand?

For now, the most in-demand profiles are animators. In any audiovisual production, whether it is a film, a video game or an advertising spot, more animators are needed than other profiles.

What professional opportunities does your speciality offer to our graduates?

Right now, Animation almost certainly offers work. Nowadays and even more with the release of platforms like Netflix, HBO or Apple TV, a massive amount of content is being produced. The industry needs a lot of animators.

Finally, what would be your tips to achieve an international career in the Animation sector?

Humility, ask for and be open to feedback and put in a lot of hours of work. When you think the shot is finished is when you can start trying different things and ideas.

Jofre Balbao: Reel 2021

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