In recent years Disney has been responsible for remaking its greatest animated successes in real image combining animation techniques and new technologies such as virtual reality, this to approach new audiences and give life (almost truly) to the classic characters we all have in mind. The company’s latest release has been The Lion King, a box office success that can still be enjoyed in cinemas.

One of the most interesting things that have emerged around this film phenomenon is the animation of Youtuber Cas van den Pol, who in just a minute and a half summarizes the film magnificently and with an excellent sense of humor.

Cas van den Pol is a successful Dutch creator who has found his way of expression in Youtube, where he has more than 492 thousand followers thanks to his brief but functional animations that, as in the case of Lion King, summarize films, video games, series, events or viral videos, all made using different techniques and with enormous success because some of his videos have more than 6 million views.

We share with you the brief animation and we highly recommend Cas van de Pol’s channel, we are sure that you will have as much fun as we do.

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