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Netflix has announced that it will soon launch ‘The Midnight Gospel’, the new adult animated series by Pendleton Ward, the creator of ‘Adventure Time’, along with comedian and broadcaster Duncan Trussell. We tell you everything that is known up to the moment of the new show.

Adventure Time is one of the most critically and publicly praised animated series. The show, which has a total of ten seasons, has a horde of fans, and no wonder: it has won eight Emmy Awards and has always stood out for being very entertaining and original. If you haven’t seen it yet, we recommend you do so. The plot allows you to travel to the Land of Ooo, where the human child Finn is adopted by a couple of detective dogs. There, little Finn lives all kinds of adventures in the company of Jake, his dog brother who has magical powers. It is available on Netflix and from December 27th also on HBO Spain.

Now, its creator is embarking on a new animation series exclusively for Netflix. In ‘The Midnight Gospel’ we accompany Clancy, a space presenter who has a malfunctioning multiverse simulator. The protagonist leaves the comfort of his home to interview beings living on dying planets.

The show will be made up of a total of eight chapters, and in each one of them Clancy will visit a different planet to meet with different types of beings and learn about the reality they face. The interviews will use excerpts from the contents of Trussell’s podcast, called “Duncan Trussell Family Hour”.

For the moment this is all the information that Netflix has offered about The Midnight Gospel. The release date on the platform is not yet known, although we do know that it will be in 2020.

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