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Our digital world is evolving rapidly and, with it, the job market. While there have been massive changes, we continue to see growth in many sectors and fields, especially in creative, marketing and technology. As companies in all industries are changing to meet the needs of their customers, the demand for qualified digital, marketing and creative candidates is increasing dramatically.

In 2021 and the next decade, the changes generated by COVID-19 will continue to influence professional opportunities. Do you want to professionalize yourself to respond to market demands? At L’Idem we offer you training of excellence in the Animation and International Digital Design.



What are the characteristics of the post-pandemic world? After the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus crisis, our reality has changed:

  • Customers, audiences and users have become more connected to the Internet than ever before.
  • Companies rely heavily on digital marketing tools for sales and customer communication.
  • Recruiting strategy is more carefully calculated than ever before.
  • Telework is here to stay.
  • Creative and graphic skills take center stage.

While the promise of effective vaccines brings new hope for future employment, many of the restrictions imposed by the virus are expected to remain. In fact, a recent Gartner survey suggests that 48% of employees are likely to work remotely at least some of the time in the future.

As a result, both employers and consumers are using technology more than ever before. As people continue to take advantage of these conveniences, technical specialists and creative and marketing experts will have to work harder than ever to meet the demand. In this post, we explain what the most in-demand creative profiles of 2021 are.



Modern advertising and remote customer experiences rely heavily on the work done by digital graphic designers, whose work spans a wide variety of media and platforms. The role of the digital designer is extremely important as in the end he/she performs all kinds of activities, from UX/UI design for websites, to social networks and digital banners, even more if this graphic arts professional has skills as a motion graphics designer, as this person can create animated sequences for digital advertising and social networks.



It’s no secret that product and app designers are in high demand in 2021. A product designer is someone who can translate business goals and objectives into beautiful and intuitive online experiences for the consumer, often building them from scratch, ideating and shaping them. As more businesses turn to online marketplaces and experiences, product and app design is more important than ever. And hiring the right candidate is critical. Product managers are also in high demand: they are key profiles as they oversee design, sample production, testing and all aspects of the lifecycle.



In the creative and technology industries, marketers focus on growing their consumer base and tracking the performance of advertising campaigns. This is where growth or performance marketing managers come into play, respectively.

  • If your job focuses on growing the company, you will be responsible for creating strategies to acquire new customers and retain existing ones.
  • If you’re a performance-based marketing manager, you’ll create paid advertising campaigns that perform, meaning they have measurable results, such as clicks or sales.

These fields are perfect for true right-brain/left-brain thinkers, as they allow you to combine marketing creativity with KPIs and quantifiable results.



A positive online user experience is more essential than ever. A UX/UI designer is responsible for designing and implementing a satisfactory user interface, i.e. creating a seamless experience for the consumer visiting your brand’s site or online platform. This typically involves conducting user research to better understand how a consumer interacts with your site, an aesthetically perfect site or app layout, designing and organizing information. This position is perfect for someone who is very creative and has the technological expertise to keep up with changing trends in user interface design.



Establishing a visible brand identity is the only way for a company to stand out in today’s competitive marketplace.

  • A brand manager is responsible for creating brand strategies and marketing initiatives to drive visibility.
  • And a brand designer will work to design a memorable brand identity and product recognition.

Professionals who thrive in these positions are often creative, big thinkers who possess strong communication skills to successfully collaborate with multiple departments.



A marketing content creator must be proficient in many visual creation techniques and possess a broad set of creative skills. If a company has a tighter hiring budget, it may choose to hire a content creator with broad skills instead of more specialized copywriters, designers and producers. Therefore, whoever fills the position needs to be a creative all-rounder. This person will be responsible for creating high-quality content to reach and engage the company’s target audience. This may include writing blogs, social media posts, videos, website content, marketing and sales materials, etc.



Social networks have changed and, today, are betting on moving content, as a video or audiovisual product more creative and visually appealing. In this sense, advertising agencies and companies are betting on animated content to give that innovative touch to their brand and make the company stand out. Animators become a fundamental piece in the creative industries.

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