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The specialisations of Digital Design: Branding

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For the past few years, creative professions have been experiencing a golden age. The visual world is demanding innovative content to meet its needs. Every day new professions appear to respond to the needs of a labour market in constant evolution. And this reality is very latent in the Design sector: nowadays companies are incorporating professional profiles that did not exist a few years ago.

To talk about digital design is to talk about a wide range of possibilities. Today we will focus on Branding.


Branding exists since 350 AD and derives from the word “Brandr”, which means “to burn” in the Old Norse language. In the 16th century, it referred to the brand that farmers applied to the hides of cattle to indicate ownership. It is the ancestor of the modern logo.

Today the brand is much more than a look or a logo. It has come to mean the “gut” reaction that a company can give to its customers. Branding is the set of visual actions that take place around a brand. Designing a logo is branding. Developing your brand voice is branding. Meeting with a marketing team to brainstorm an advertising campaign is branding. Any action you take to shape your brand is branding.

Designers use branding to give a visual identity to a product brand through the logo or the final advertising campaign, for example.

The work of a branding designer

The branding designer must be an image professional. He or she is in charge of creatively realising the complete visual identity of a brand. Starting from its logo – the graphic summary of everything the company stands for – he defines style guides.

What are the main applications of a brand?

The designer specialised in branding has different general applications with which he communicates visually:

  • Business cards,
  • Brochures,
  • Web page,
  • And audiovisual presentations.


Creation of visual identity
2nd year Digital Design students, 2020-2021.

La Casa Inglesa, branding project
2nd year Digital Design students, 2020-2021.

Creation of visual identity
2nd year Digital Design students, 2019-2020.

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