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The specialisations of Digital Design: Motion Graphics

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Today, design is one of the most valued professions in companies in all sectors of activity. Moreover, it has branched out to create specialists in all its fields. Today, its importance is fundamental in all the companies and services we know. Today we will focus on the area of Motion Graphics. One of the specialities that our Digital Design students work on throughout their training at L’Idem.

Motion Graphics

Animated design or animation of design pieces is one of the design trends of the moment. The new forms of audiovisual consumption have made it a very useful tool for publicising a product, service or brand. Thus, mastering this tool is a must for every 360º design professional. At L’Idem we are attentive to the evolution of trends and tools used in the Digital Design sector. Moreover we offer our students the specific training necessary to develop professionally in an effective way.

What do we understand by Motion Graphics?

According to Enrique Hernandis, coordinator of the Motion Design course at L’Idem, “communicating an idea or concept is much easier in animated video format”. Motion Design is the discipline in which the techniques of Design are applied to Animation to transmit visual content in movement. The aim of this discipline is to capture the user’s attention with a clear and visually impacting message.

At a time when audiovisual consumption is experiencing an unprecedented boom, this type of animation causes greater engagement in the recipient. Nowadays, the applications of Motion Design are infinite. It is used in fields as diverse as advertising, virtual reality, the video game industry, computer graphics and architecture, among others.

What does a motion designer do?

In the last decade, motion design has been booming thanks to social networks. The designer must be familiar with the new digital languages in order to create powerful messages. Motion graphics are creating with After Effects software. If you like to make small animated pieces we recommend that you practice a lot with this software. It will enable you to offer unique technical skills.


“A person who thinks”
Motion Design created byLala Pashayeva, International Master in Graphic Design student

Kinetic Tipography
Proyecto realizado por estudiantes de 2º año de Diseño Digital, curso 2020-2021

Motion Design Project
1st year Digital Design students, 2019-2020.

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