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The specialisations of Digital Design: Packaging

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We live in a visual world where creative professions are increasingly in demand. The growth of the industry on an international level is exponential. Considering the international projection of the Design career, it is not surprising that it continues to be one of the professions of the future.

In this post we will focus on the area of Packaging and Product Design. One of the specialities that our Digital Design students work on throughout their training at L’Idem.

What is packaging?

Packaging is the design of a container for the commercialisation of a specific product. In order to design it, he has to take into account the connection of:

  • Form,
  • Structure,
  • Materials,
  • Colour,
  • Images,
  • Typography
  • And regulatory information with auxiliary design elements.

The final products aims at:

  • Containing,
  • Protecting,
  • Transporting,
  • Storing,
  • And identifying a product in the marketplace.

Ultimately, the packaging design has to meet marketing objectives by distinctively communicating the personality or functionality of a product and generating a sale.

Indeed, there are tens of thousands of different products on the shelves of the average supermarket. Department stores, superstores, speciality shops, outlets and the Internet are retail marketing venues where products come to life and appeal to consumers through their packaging design. The breadth of consumer choice generates product competition. As a consequence, it fosters the need for distinction and differentiation in the marketplace. In a consumer society, products and their packaging design are so interrelated that they are no longer perceived as separate objects.

What does a specialist packaging designer do?

The designer creates wrapping visually powerful that covers the product. His main goal is to  carry out ideas that meet the needs of the product. He has to take into account elements of vital importance to design, such as:

  • The philosophy of the product.
  • The product’s content.
  • The target audience to whom it is addressed.
  • The place where it will be marketed.
  • Or the space available to transmit the message, among others.

To create the packaging of a product is to see how our work as designers comes to life and is distributed.


Creative packaging
Digital Design International Master students, 2020-2021.

Creative product design
2nd year Digital Design students, 2020-2021.

Packaging Design
2nd year Digital Design students, 2019-2020.

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