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The specialisations of Digital Design: Advertising

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We live in a visual world where creative professions are increasingly in demand. The growth of the industry on an international level is exponential. Considering the international projection of the Design career, it is not surprising that it continues to be one of the professions of the future.

To talk about digital design is to talk about a wide range of possibilities. And specialisation in the area of advertising is one of them: there is room for everyone in design!


Advertising is a promotional activity whose aim is to sell a product or service to a target audience. It is one of the oldest forms of marketing that attempts to influence the actions of the target audience to buy, sell or do something specific. Since the Internet has become part of our daily lives, advertising has been divided into two camps:

  • Traditional advertising (print, TV, radio).
  • And digital advertising (online, PPC, social media).
  • The job of an advertising designer.

The main mission of the advertising designer is to create campaigns. This involves adapting messages visually for the media requested. Generally, advertising work is a team effort. Therefore, the work as a designer will go hand in hand with an art director or creative director. Moreover, in this sector, the work is very broad. It will depend on the campaign and will allow you to design different products:

  • Posters,
  • Images for the web,
  • Animated graphics,
  • Brochures, etc.

What are the stages in the creation of an advertising campaign?

The process of creating an advertising campaign follows the following phases:

  • Define the objective to be achieved with the advertising campaign.
  • Establishing the target group to be addressed.
  • Selecting the most appropriate advertising medium.
  • Establish a phrase that defines the qualities of the product or service.


Experimental advertising
Projects made by 2nd year Digital Design students, 2019-2020 course.

Advertising project
3rd year Digital Design students

Spot Camp, advertising project
2nd year Digital Design students

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