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Mason and Morgan McGrew, of Ankeny, Iowa, who grew up on “Toy Story” movies, spent nearly a decade replicating their favorite Pixar movie frame by frame using plastic toys, paper accessories and wooden objects.

The brothers posted the film, which is exactly one hour, 39 minutes and 43 seconds long, on YouTube and the project went viral. It all started because of the brothers’ passion for the film and the idea of trying to bring a scene to life.

“When we saw ‘Toy Story 3’, it instantly became our favorite movie. We knew we were interested in film, but at the time we didn’t really know how to explore it or how to make it,” said Morgan McGrew. “So, you know, we had some of these toys from when we were kids and we wanted to see if we could recreate a scene from one of our favorite movies. It was a snowball effect.”
While attending college and working on other things, the brothers spent time on the project on school breaks and weekends.

Morgan McGrew said they hope to inspire others to be creative and finish the great projects they start.

“I just hope everyone who sees it sees it as a result of what can happen if you stick to something and just keep the idea that you should always finish what you start,” he said. He explained that what made the project so difficult is that a one-second clip could contain up to 25 frames and added: “Overall, the hardest thing about this movie was to stay disciplined. It was very important for us to finish what we started as kids.

A great display of creativity that we’re sure will continue to give us plenty to talk about, we can’t wait to see other surprises the McGrew brothers share with us. We leave you with this stop motion version of “Toy Story 3” for you to enjoy as much as we did.

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