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International Digital Designer: Typographic Alphabet

Typography is an essential part of visual communication. And its correct selection and treatment can become decisive in the clarity of the message to be transmitted. Knowing typography, its forms and applications is a necessary task for every designer. In Typography I class of the International Digital Designer higher studies at L’Idem, the first year students have designed a complete typographic alphabet. The objective of this work coordinated by our teacher Pablo García has been to investigate the style, coherence, readability and format of each character as well as its communication codes.

The expressive possibilities of typography

Throughout this course, our students have carried out different exercises that have allowed them to delve into typography and its forms. The skills acquired in the knowledge of the subject have allowed them to develop a unique and original alphabet. In this end-of-course assignment, each student has designed an alphabet of lowercase, capitals, numbers, and some signs. The result has been complete typographic alphabets that, according to Pablo García, stand out for “their personality and originality”, as well as for “the research premise”.

Typographic alphabets are a resource that allows the designer to become familiar with their essential work tool. An apprenticeship that will be very useful both throughout your training and when you enter the labor market.

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