The user experience is one of the biggest design challenges faced every day by developers, making intuitive and aesthetic interfaces seems an unattainable goal and complex pages become a constant in our browsers. Thinking about the above, a game called User Inyerface has been born that is located between nightmares and laughter.

Created by the Baagaar studio in Belgium, User Inyerface is an interactive page that brings together all the elements of a bad web design, a playful project that pushes users through despair to be aware of the importance of intelligent design based on user experience. A game that can cause stomach discomfort for the less patient but that undoubtedly represents perfectly the challenges we commonly encounter when surfing the Internet.

User Inyerface has only one rule: fill out the form on the page as quickly as possible, a task that at first glance may seem easy and yet becomes impossible. In the end it’s so difficult to complete that many end up throwing in the towel, but it’s these unfriendly features that make this game a wonder that does nothing more than explain the complicated process behind the design of a website.

You’ll find buttons that don’t do what you imagine, pop-up windows that you can’t close, countdowns that block the page, text boxes in which you have to delete the description in order to enter characters, completely ridiculous password requirements, and a huge and absolutely terrifying etcetera that is undoubtedly a necessary experience to understand a little bit the importance of the user experience

Are you ready to go crazy? User Inyerface

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