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Valencia will be the design capital of the world in 2022. After a long wait full of suspense, last September 10th the Mediterranean city has been crowned as the City of Design, it will be crowned in 2022 and will take over from the French Lille in this biennial initiative created by the World Design Organization.

With this designation, Valencia has imposed itself on the Indian city of Bangalore, next to which it was designated finalist. Under the slogan “The Mediterranean design of Valencia. Design for change, design for the senses”, the candidacy that was presented on 15 April, includes a plan of events that cover all disciplines of design, from industrial to spaces through architecture and the design of services and interfaces.

It will be the first time that a Spanish city will exercise the aforementioned capital, after the failed attempt of Bilbao in 2014. The designation of Valencia as World Design Capital by 2022 could attract some 50,000 visitors to the city and generate a business impact of 29 million euros, according to the most “optimistic” estimates announced this Tuesday by the mayor, Joan Ribó.

In 2022, the great design event will hold more than a hundred international activities such as talks, symposia and exhibitions throughout the year. Each month will be marked by a global theme, the focus will focus on content such as design in the face of climate change, Mediterranean design, the commitment of design to gender equality, the history of design, the story from design, industrial development and design and nature, among others.

Turin, Helsinki, Cape Town, Seoul, Taiwan and Mexico City, in the last edition of 2018, have been the capitals prior to this biennial which aims to disseminate design and its professionals.

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