Video games are a fundamental part of our lives in every aspect. The visual references that we have thanks to them and that we see in series, music and films are infinite. They are here to stay and even now we carry them in our pockets, always with us.

It has taken decades for video games to be socially accepted and for an industry that seemed to specialize only in a certain sector of the population to be taken into account. Today, video games are not just entertainment. They have become a source of employment with enormous ramifications. There are programmers, screenwriters, designers, illustrators, professional and amateur gamers. An endless number of professionals linked to this impressive sector of the visual arts, which is growing by leaps and bounds.

According to Forbes magazine, last March Steam exceeded 20 million active users and the game “Call of Duty: Warzone” reached 15 million. In May, “Animal Crossing” reached 11 million players, according to The Guardian. An unprecedented digital exodus is occurring in the video game fan community, driven in large part by the Covid-19 crisis.

From a content perspective, one impressive fact is that “the new generations working professionally in this industry have played video games all their lives,” said Phil Harrison, vice president and general manager of Google. For them, “video games are part of their nature, not an odd career choice. “They’ve been played and understood them literally since before they could watch television,” he added. “And that means there’s a much wider and richer diversity of talent coming to make video games, bringing more voices, more perspectives and more life experiences. That can only improve the way they’re made and the diversity of stories and experiences that will be represented in them.

The technological advance that has most modified the history of video games is undoubtedly the transmission and online play. Now you don’t need big processors to be part of impressive games. Communities are created and there is a new way of socializing in which there are no age ranges, no faces, no tastes. There are underage people who earn millions from their participation in the industry.


There are many platforms that allow their members to be key pillars of the community and to generate income from them. An excellent example of this is Roblox. David Baszucki, CEO of Roblox, spoke to The Observer about the benefits of these types of platforms and commented on very interesting data that highlights the role of video games in education.

Roblox is similar to Minecraft, providing users with a set of tools to create various environments from scratch. However, Roblox goes one step further: it makes it easy to create complete games, which can be shared and sold on the platform. This way, players don’t just have fun and share with other users. They also learn the basics of how a game is structured based on code.

The response of children and young people to games that allow them to be creative and social has been enormous. Roblox has 120 million active users per month. According to the company’s statistics:

  • 52% of teens spend more time with friends they once knew in person
    and 69% play more, due to the isolation conditions imposed by the pandemic.

In addition to the positive effects that this exercise in creativity and socialization is having on students, this type of game offers the possibility not only of learning how to program video game designs, but also of earning income by creating a new game.

Josh Correira , who will be starting his second year at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York, already receives income of $4,000 per month through a video game design he did at Roblox. Alex Balfanz was able to pay his tuition at Duke University with the proceeds from the Roblox-designed game Jailbreak. This learning through play can happen at a very young age, for example Alex Balfanz has said that he started designing in Roblox when he was only nine years old.

Video games are a developing industry that continually needs allies to join its ranks in order to continue creating spectacular worlds. Whether you are a fanatical user or would like to create them, be assured that there is a place for you in this wonderful and creative profession.

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