The animated series ‘Virtual Hero’ created by ElRubius, will have a second season in Movistar+ that will premiere next 2020. In six new episodes the series will seek to develop the story of the main characters devised by Youtuber, who is also one of the most influential people in social networks in the Spanish-speaking world.

Based on the comic ‘Virtual Hero’ by ElRubius published by Grupo Planeta, the first original anime series by Movistar+ is directed by Alexis Barroso, directed by Lolita Aldea and scripted by Juan Torres and Alexis Barroso.

The series, transmitted only through the Movistar+ platform, will be produced in collaboration with Zeppelin and coordinated by Stories Grupo Planeta and Snofokk as in the first season. Virtual Hero’ has recently been nominated for the TBI Content Innovation Awards in the Best Animated Kids Programme category, awards that recognise the work of companies that are helping to transform the TV industry today. Virtual Hero’ is one of the series with the highest volume of social conversation of Movistar+ and brings together a loyal community of fans in its social networks that surpass 250,000 followers.

Although there is little information about the specific launch date of the series, the company has shared on its networks a mysterious trailer and the synopsis of the new chapters:

After defeating Ust, the evil clone of Rubius created by Trollmask, Rubius has lost all his power, condensed in the Cyberblade, and returns to be a normal player who occupies his time playing in the Game Worlds and going out with Sakura in the real world. Suddenly, professor Brasas, creator of the Game Worlds, is murdered when he was trying to connect with his ORV. A new threat, the Necroids, malevolent artificial intelligences, are eliminating players called the Alphas, the first original players in charge of testing and polishing the Alpha phase of the Game Worlds. Rubius, Sakura, Zombirella, G4t0 and Slimmer will have to join the Alphas that are still alive, including Demonika, new moderator of the Game Worlds, to defeat the fearsome Necroids.

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