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Animation and motion graphics have become powerful tools for creative advertising and marketing. They continuously drive various types of business promotion and shape a whole new way of presenting products and services in the modern digital space.

From animation used for small videos on social media to full multi-minute promotional videos, motion graphics permeate marketing across all sectors and types of businesses. Even organisations that are expected to have a more traditional look and feel are choosing to allow themselves to be injected with a dose of creativity manifested in inspiring and entertaining animated videos.

Animation is responsive to global trends in design and technology, as well as being an industry that has been evolving rapidly over the past few years. We can notice that animation trends in 2021 lean towards minimalism and have some retro undertones in colour palettes and overall style. These trends have a visual relationship with the world of fashion, graphic design and media (mainly social media).

Limited Colour Palette.

A lot can be said with just a couple of words and the same can be said about colours. The current trend is to tell a visual story using only a few colours, preferably primary colours, rather than a rich palette with many semitones.

Animation with the restricted colour spectrum looks simple and sophisticated at the same time. It is also a creative challenge for any animation artist to convey the tone and character of the illustration with little. Despite the limited palette, if the animation is done with creativity and good technique it can be very attractive. These animations also tend to convey a slight sense of retro and nostalgia.

Fine Lines.

Lines serve many functions in any animated video. They give a direction, define shapes and even dictate a mood. And this year, fine lines play a particularly interesting role. Artists are trying to create animations that look like hand-drawn pictures with impeccable technique, which adds a unique style to the videos.

The line art effect in animated videos has become one of the most sought-after trends of 2021. And many companies are trying to apply this trend in their promotional and explainer videos.

2D and 3D Mixed.

This year we will see how 2D and 3D are still often combined in videos. Many animators mix them to add other textures and create even more interactive and engaging environments for the audience. This technique can be applied not only to big budget advertising films and videos, but also to small-scale digital commercials.

As an animator, creating pieces in which there is a variety of techniques and styles will surely add to your work and help you show that you have a super well-rounded profile.

Illustration With Style.

Due to the restrictions of Covid-19, audiences around the world are much more accustomed to animation replacing live action, especially in advertisements. However, the standard “vector animation” look and feel is starting to get a bit repetitive. In 2021 we will see a trend towards more illustrative and expressive animation styles.

This also means that teams will become larger and the industry will grow, often requiring professional illustrators to be brought in as draftsmen to help us style our productions.



Animation has long been a male-dominated industry and profession. Over the last few years women have broken through and with excellent productions have shown that the fact that until now animation has been predominantly male-dominated is merely an old ideology. Things have changed and gender equality as well as political stances are part of much more powerful social communication strategies for inclusion. It is time to give a voice to those who need it, and animation is an excellent medium to achieve this. Let’s hope that initiatives like the Women in Animation Virtual Summit and the community can continue to thrive in 2021 and beyond.


Textured animations will always be more attractive because they add realism to even the most bizarre designs. It gives us the feeling that we can touch what we are seeing.

Textures in animation and other creative works can evoke different feelings in the viewer. Think, for example, of a simple smooth ball and a ball covered in fur – which one would you like to touch and which one creates a cosy feeling? Textures add depth to animation and can help create a unique look.

Technological advances.

Another reason why design and motion animation will become increasingly important in 2021 is technological advances. High dynamic range images, for example, will bring a new dimension to the way we see colour on our smart TVs and devices.
The evolution from 4K to 8K will accelerate the need for new high-quality content to entertain and engage audiences. Especially as all the catalogue shows and films that audiences have been watching are quickly running out.


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