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What to do at the end of the Baccalaureate?

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Image: Mathese Fields, Unsplash

Are you finishing your Baccalaureate and are you passionate about drawing, design, photography, video games or animation? Would you like to make it your future job? We invite you to discover L’idem Barcelona’s academic proposal for the academic year 2021-2022. A quality training that will allow you to continue your higher education in the area of ​​your dreams.

💕 From a passion: drawing, animation, design, videogames, visual effects… Which training choosing?

🏋️ What areas of specialty does L’Idem propose?, How are the classes developed?

What equipment is available?, What supplies are requested?, How do the internship work?

💪🏽 What are the career opportunities for each section?

🚀 Which are the requirements to enter the school? Tips to Prepare for the Admission Interview

🕵️‍♀️ Are diplomas recognized by the state?

💲 What are the training prices?, Are there scholarships for study?

Passion or future: why choose?

Learning a trade is like music. It takes practice, dedicating a lot of time and, above all, enjoying a lot doing it to always improve. As a good budding musician, you let yourself be carried away by a passion, you choose the instrument that best suits you, you start by learning the basics, how to read a sheet music and constantly experiment to be successful in playing this instrument perfectly. .
Choosing a creative and / or technical profession involves teamwork. Like playing in a group, everyone must find their place, add their own touch of interpretation, and follow the same sheet music to achieve a work that is collective and unique.

Do you want to turn your passion into your work?

Contact our Admissions Department and discover the wide range of training that we offer in the areas of Design, Animation 2D/3D, Videogames or Visual Effects. There is training for everyone and before embarking on higher education, we invite you to ask yourself the following question: what is it that attracts you the most today?

Aware that orientation is an essential step in the life of a student before starting their higher studies, at L’Idem Barcelona we offer you the possibility of holding an online orientation meeting. A friendly moment where we will solve all your doubts about our academic program, as well as the conditions of access to our school.

Ask for an on-line meeting with us!

Study at L’Idem Barcelona

If you want to make your passion your profession in the fields of Graphic Design, Advertising, Animated Film or Videogames, L’Idem is your best option. Our school offers you a training to learn to meet the needs of a sector with infinite professional possibilities.
For the academic year 2021-2022 we present a program that adapts to your needs in a double format: in-campus and online learning. If you want more information about our proposal you can contact our Admissions Department. We will offer you all the information you need about our programs and we will help you resolve any doubts you may have about the admission process at our school.

“Choose a job you love and you won’t have to work one day in your life,” Confucius said. As a school, L’Idem Creative Arts School’s goal is to prepare you to become a professional prepared to access the job of your dreams.

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