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The new ‘Nike Adapt Huarache’ will be the most technologically advanced shoes in the world. As a novelty will have electronic cords that can be controlled by voice commands through your smartphone or smartwatch.

The new ‘Adapt Huarache’ are an evolution of a model launched at the beginning of the year that adapted to the user’s foot and that, after several complaints and updates, have decided to improve by increasing this new technology that allows to adjust the cords through digital systems such as Siri and a small motor installed in the soles. The ‘Nike FitAdapt’ lacing system is controlled by Nike Adapt, a multifaceted application that has a series of fitting recommendations for the type and activity of the person’s foot.

The Huaraches model, which follows the design of the shoes launched by Nike in 1991, features a pair of LED indicators just like its predecessors, the ‘Adapt BB’, which can change colour to indicate the type of activity performed by the user. Nike also said Siri’s voice commands can control the color tones of lights based on notifications received on linked devices.

The company, which specializes in sports technology, has been creating gadgets and enhancements for decades to help brand lovers in their daily activities, whether it’s using new, lightweight materials that make perspiration easier or LED lights and robotic cords such as ‘Nike Adapt’. The price of the slippers will be around 350 dollars.

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